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Fridge Repair Services

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Fridge Repair Services in Nairobi Kenya

We are the experts in fridge repair services in Nairobi Kenya. We come to you at your home in all suburbs of Nairobi and we repair all brands of household fridges and freezers.

Our fridge repair services will get that fridge or freezer back to its working best. Don’t waste your money on a new fridge unnecessarily! With a few simple questions over the phone we can tell you what is wrong with your fridge and give you a quote to repair it, completely obligation free!

Keep your fridge in the best shape with cost effective, fast, and professional fridge repair services that guarantees customer satisfaction – our refrigeration technician at Bestcare Fridge Repair Services in Nairobi Kenya can help!

Your fridge needs to be in the best working condition to maintain a specific temperature that keeps meat, produce, and food products fresh. If not maintained well, your fridge can be a haven for bacteria and that defeats the purpose of having a fridge in the first place.

Moreover, if you run a business, any malfunction in your refrigeration would mean loss of product and, of course, loss of income. In need of help? Our refrigeration repair technician is simply one call away.

Fridge Repair Services in Nairobi Kenya

Need Fridge Repair Services in Nairobi Kenya?

Fridge Repair Services We Offer

Freezer not freezing

We understand a freezer not freezing requires urgent repair. Our expert mechanics will quickly diagnose the cause of this then repair it right away. We’ll ensure your frozen groceries stay that way!

Fridge not cooling

If your fridge is not cooling we can diagnose why this is the case over the phone then repair the problem before your food spoils.

Fridge door not shutting properly

A fridge door not shutting properly may be due to a variety of reasons. We are experts in diagnosing and repairing all causes of this.

Fridge seal replacement

We can easily and efficiently replace your cracked, broken or split fridge seals. Ensuring fridge and freezer seals are in good condition is important because damaged seals can greatly increase the energy consumption of your home and lead to other issues with your refrigerator.

Fridge leaking water

When a fridge leaks water it is often a symptom of a blockage in the drainage system. We carry all equipment to unblock refrigerator drains on the spot. Depending on the type of refrigerator you have, we may even be able to talk you through how to unblock it yourself over the phone.

And many more

It doesn’t matter if your appliance is 3 months old or 30 years old, our expert mechanics know how to fix it!

Need Fridge Repair Services in Nairobi Kenya?

Fridge Freezer Repair Services in Nairobi Kenya

Have you woken up this morning to discover your freezer has broken? You may be left with a sinking feeling, but one call to Bestcare appliances repair services and your problem is in safe hands.

Fridges, freezers, fridge freezers are our speciality, in fact we’ve been offering fridge freezer repairs in Nairobi and throughout Kenya. Our Refrigeration Engineers are on the road ready to attend to your appliance, so we can come out to you quick (same day and next day appointments available!).

We understand no one likes to receive a long bill at the end of a repair so we keep it simple. We have a one-off labour charge which will cover you for the entire repair (as long as it takes us). All you pay for on top are for any parts you need. We are so confident in our repair service that we provide you with a six months guarantee at the end of it.

Fridge Repair Services in Nairobi Kenya

Our technicians aim to be with you either on the same day that you call us. They carry plenty of spare parts and pieces, meaning that a repair on your fridge freezer is almost always possible on the first visit.

There are few fridge freezer faults that can’t be repaired, and our priority is to always get your existing equipment up-and-running again while working within a budget that suits you. Our team of technicians are highly trained – and that includes up-to-date training on even the latest technology as well.

We’re always in the Nairobi area, working efficiently and productively to keep your kitchen in order. Our family-run business puts your experience first and we won’t leave until you’re satisfied that your fridge freezer is back to normal. We can repair fridge freezers from all of the major brands.

Other services

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Need Fridge Repair Services in Nairobi Kenya?

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